WILK's Annual Charity
Women's Fund - Kent and Medway

Our chosen charity for 2022 fundraising is the Women's Fund, Kent and Medway.


The Women's Fund for Kent & Medway brings together individuals who care about making a difference and improving the lives of women and girls across the county.

Inspired by the over-subscription to the government's Tampon Tax Community Fund, the fund will allow KCF to support disadvantaged women and girls in our communities who are often disproportionately disadvantaged by multiple issues, which are often complex in nature. The Fund will harnesses the diverse and collective voices of women and offers a programme of funding that enables women and girls to take positive steps towards empowerment and opportunity.


Together, the fund aims to challenge inequality, abuse, exploitation and disadvantage in the home, the workplace and in the wider local communities.

Click HERE to view Women's Fund website

Also, if you click HERE you will be able to watch Women's Fund impact videoes