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Our mission

To empower, support and encourage all women working,

or who aspire to work, in the legal profession.


We achieve this by organising social and networking events, training courses, workshops and discussion panel events.

For the sake of clarity, we are an inclusive organisation supporting and welcoming anyone who identifies as a woman,

including our friends from the LGBTQ+ community. 

Our events are open to everyone whose interests align with our values, namely that every person within our profession is entitled to be treated fairly, with kindness and with equal opportunities. We believe that anyone can achieve success in their career and personal development. The chance of success if greatly increased with the support of our organisation and like-minded people, making valuable connections and developing through our training sessions. 

We are grateful to our sponsors and friends of WILK who help and support us to make all these amazing things happen!

If you are interested, please see our Sponsorship page for more information.



We support women in law, not only to dream to achieve great things, but to actually believe that those dreams are attainable. We are so proud to see our community thrive and succeed. We encourage women not only to smash through the glass ceiling, but to leave the ladder for the next generation of female lawyers.  


Did you know that in 2017, women make up 59% of non-partner solicitors, compared to just 33% of partners (up from 31% in 2014). The difference is greater still in the largest firms (50 plus partners), where 29% of partners are female.

(Source: SRA, 2017)

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